‘Romeo and Juliet’ is a world renowned play by William Shakespeare. Although this play was written centuries ago, there are still adaptations being made- a ‘cliche’ one might call it. 

Folks in late fifteen hundreds found this play very entertaining and newfangled. As time went and literature and romance grew, the idea of two people from rival families falling in unbridled love intrigued people more and more. This resulted in, you guessed it, more stories of the genre. This became a time for cliches. Here everyone knew, the idea of a book or a movie about forbidden love was borrowed from Romeo and Juliet

Unfortunately, readers and viewers soon started to turn a blind eye to the whole romance genre altogether. It was getting boring. Something needed to be done- money needed to be earned and people needed to be entertained. (on a side note: Could you even imagine quarantine without movies, books and TV shows!) Innovation was sought out- this was hard because “Innovation doesn’t grow on trees” (or was it money that didn’t grow on trees?) Nevertheless, new ideas rose, humanity was saved and order was restored! 

Until we found out these new pieces were copies too? 

That started the discussion- ‘Can overused storylines be escaped?

Most people would say ‘No. Obviously. 

For our inquisitive readers who ask “Why?”, let’s take the case of betrayal- the one very friendly person, whom everyone is least likely to suspect, is always the traitor. This idea has been used everywhere. You watch something with a friend and this happens? Yeah. Predictable. 

Sometimes, producers decide to be “innovative” and take one of the following three alternatives:

  1. The friendly person (who we least expect), or 
  2. The sketchy looking one (who is so obviously suspicious, you assume that it can’t be that person), or
  3.  A set up (where the person suspected has been set up and is actually innocent).

R.I.P Innovation. You were loved. 

The sad thing is, with each passing day, new movies (possibly novel ones) are being thought up. And with each new movie released, there’s one less idea in the world. However, I am a firm believer that there aren’t a limited number of ideas and that I have every right to call all the ‘-wood’s of the world out for their lack of ideas. 

Nowadays, every possible storyline has become cliched. Nothing surprises us anymore! Even Emily in Paris’ (a Netflix original!) is so predictable that you don’t need to be a ‘Super-binger’ to guess what will happen next.

 If any of you are wondering what exactly is the point of all this, you are not wrong to ask. To you, dear reader, I say “this one’s for you.”

Consider this a short recession from your predictable (yet, addictive!) OTT media. This is my bold way of saying “Nothing surprises me anymore. And I bet you feel the same.” I have spent eight months in lockdown and spent 90% of those (247.5 days, for the mathematically inclined) aimlessly swiping through endless lists of movies and shows that just don’t surprise me anymore. 

Consider this a cry for help- blogger to her precious reader- to save me from this vortex of boredom. Think you know something that will, once again, make me feel something? TELL ME! Go to our HappyInc Instagram page (or Facebook, if that’s what you prefer) and comment on our latest post. Tell me about a book, movie, or TV show that truly surprised you. Or, for those who read this article and went “OMG, SAME!”, comment and join our brethren of people demanding more. If you don’t want to comment, but feel strongly for (or against) what I said, write an article of your own and email it to happppyinc@gmail.com, and we’ll publish it on our site. 

Let’s talk, dear reader, because that is the only thing that will get us through this year. 

Thank you for making it this far. That’s all for me. Until next time. 

*Dramatic tip of the hat and a Vanilla Fudge song playing in the background*  

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