This article isn’t just a recommendation of pop music of some famous artists like Billie Eilish, ASAP Rocky, and Post Malone.

This article is not at all a list of some popular good music if it was that maybe it wouldn’t be that interesting, but this article is all about the way of viewing music in a different way. Well, there are some recommendations too but those are hidden jewels which are not maybe that popular. All of my recommendations are spread throughout the article as if we experience different emotions. There is music in waking up early, there is music in enjoying the struggle of solving some difficult questions, there is music in light-hearted fights with your loved ones. If we know how to dance to the music of life, life would be much more beautiful. This is what today’s article is about.

Photo by Dave Allocca/StarPix/REX/Shutterstock (5626104r) Hans Zimmer ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ film premiere after-party, New York, America – 24 Apr 2014

A live performance of Hans Zimmer totally shows the spectacle of music. He is my prime recommendation!

In our teen years, we have a very deep connection with music and really value our musical preferences. Music is seen as a way of healing, as a way of expressing our true emotions, relating to the current scenario, and many more things.
According to my, every teenager or anybody of any age should spend some time making a good playlist, a collection of songs which you believe can help you refresh, enlighten, motivate and make you feel that there is the magic still left in the world.


We tend to feel drowsy at times, tired, or simply overwhelmed by things going around us at an accelerating rate and we want to take a break for a moment and sometimes just relax. Now we have a number of things for us to feel relaxed, and it’s all upon our choice as to what we choose to make us feel relaxed.

My choice is music.
And this is my recommendation for you to feel relaxed at all times:

1. Kun Faya Kun:

This song has a journey of its own, takes you on a ride makes you feel guilty for your mistakes but later accepts you in your purest form.

2. Day One (Interstellar):

This is an instrumental which challenges you to do good from the very first beat, puts mystery in between but surprises with its melodies

3. Tu Koi Aur Hain (Tamasha)

This song asks you who you are. Tells you the answer too!


In our teenage years, we need motivation or rather inspiration at certain points. We feel lost or feel like giving up but these tracks might help you keep up with your struggle

4. STAY (Interstellar)

This is a track that happens when the protagonist is leaving earth, he wants to and doesn’t want to at the same time but he still goes for it. Just like your dream which is afar now but working for it is something this track will help you in

5. Instant Crush (Daft Punk)

Indeed, a treat for the fans of electronic music. A high pitched track that puts on a pedestal to work no matter how you feeling


Well feeling sad is normal in everyone’s life and especially during the teenage years, sometimes sadness grows upon us. So for those times, here are my recommendations

6. The Godfather Finale

Just like the movie’s end, this soundtrack is a conclusion all themes explored in the movie(sorry for the one’s who haven’t watched the movie but after listening to this track, you will)

7. What a Wonderful World (Dark Web Series)

Definitely, a musical piece to be explored

Deep Dive

8. After hours (The Weeknd):

Takes you on a ride filled with musical mastery, an R&B song that should be kept In a museum


An expression we all might have felt in our teenage years and might feel every day as well if we have a partner in our life. Here’s my recommendation :

9. Zara Zara :

Musical perfect, romantically intimate, and gives you chills when you think of the person you love while listening to this!

10. Tum Ho

This song just tells you to stay in love, feel loved, feel calm with your loved one.

11. City of Stars

A really feel-good song with true emotions. Romanticism in its true sense.

12. Dil Ko Karar Aaya :

In 2021, we don’t get good original romantic music, either re-make or bullshit but this is the one and only romantic piece that stirs you from within to feel more loved. Listening to it with your partner would make you feel something out of this world!


Sometimes we just feel thrilled , wanting to use that energy somewhere or just pump up for a workout or some task

13. Mountains (interstellar)

A musical piece keeping track of each second with its tick-tock and the time when it hits its pinnacle, you feel something beyond explanation

14. Posterity (Tenet)

Mixture of all. If you know already know what tenet is about, you will know what magic this has.

And that bring us to the end of our journey, I hope you liked it!

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