About Us

Who We Are

HappyInc is a peer support service where teenagers in distress can talk, vent, and express themselves freely with our team of Helpers. At HappyInc you’ll be listened to, understood, and supported, without facing any judgment at all. 

We know life can be a bit too much to face alone sometimes, and that’s why we’re here. With our team of Helpers to talk to, if you’re feeling sad, low, or just want someone to listen, HappyInc is a good place to be. Your conversations with our Helpers are 100% free, and everything you share with them stays confidential. 

We are not an alternative to professional mental health services.

Our Helpers

Our Helpers are teenagers who have undergone a training program that equips them with active listening skills and also guarantees an ethical practice. Our Helpers also maintain complete confidentiality and anonymity, meaning that your identity is protected. You will have the same Helper each time you use our service, but naturally, if you would like to speak to someone else, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to find someone you can be comfortable and open with.


The HappyBlog is not your usual blog, to say the least.

We know that you like all sorts of content – from amazing pieces of art to good music, to informative articles, and much more. We know that monochrome is a bit old-fashioned, and so a rainbow, where every color represents something different, is represented through our blog. Hate articles? That’s alright, our blog has music. An art aficionado? Our blog has some good art. Moreover, if you want to contribute to our blog, all you need to do is email us with your work and we’ll feature it. Through our blog, you get to share your passion, devour the content you like, and also impact lives.

What more could you ask for?

What We Do